Programme 2018

Wednesday 14 November  19:30


Thursday 15 November  19:30


Friday 16 November 19:30


Saturday 17 November


16:00   HAIR OF THE DOG & 360°

19:15  VOID & T.G.I.F

Presented by BA Acting (International) Class of 2019

Producer: Nia Vasileva 1st Associate Producer: Nick Mauldin 2nd Associate Producer: Mary Hee Yoon Shadow Producers: Mickey Angelov, Rian Wunderlin, Sabrina Pui Yee Chin

Head of Course: Zois Pigadas Advising the Production: Christos Floros  Mentor to the Directors: Jesse Briton, Kara M Tyler


It’s the last formal of the year – Evan is about to graduate, and as his time with his fraternity comes to a close; he must face what it means to be a leader of men. Better take another swig of Jack Daniels, another line of coke, and one last good look at yourself in the mirror. You look fresh in a blazer.

Written by Brady Lernihan

Directed by Maryhee Yoon

Cast:  Brady Lernihan, Riley Marinelli, Nick Mauldin, Ewens Abid, Emilie Finkielman, Benjamin Danielsson, Lucrezia Galeone, Sabrina Pui Yee Chin, Hannah Hernø-Toftild


“People never change.” He sees life in black and white. She finds grey more interesting. “And what about colours?” They might reveal themselves when the two perspectives meet.

Written by Nina Frantzeskaki

Directed by Nia Vasileva

Original music by Lucy Rebecca Yates, Isaac Murphy, Veikka Kalavainen and John Frantzeskaki

Cast: Nina Frantzeskaki, Ewens Abid, Isaac Murphy, Lucy Rebecca Yates, Veikka Kalavainen

The Anniversary

Beijing. May 12, 2016. Lin and Shu were married on this day twenty years ago. The Anniversary is a family drama exploring how the passage of time and circumstances change the nature of marriages in China.

Written by Xinbo Feng

Directed by Kara M Tyler

Cast: Xinbo Feng, MaryHee Yoon, Miguel Angelo, Maria Lisberg-Jonasson

Amissa Alma

Someday, I’m sure you’ll meet yourself in a strange place, in a far off world… Seven identical doors, all white apart from one in deep crimson red. An escape or an entrance? You are where the real life takes place.

Written by Catalina Cazacu

Directed by Iulia Isar and Nick Mauldin

Cast: Catalina Cazacu, Benjamin Danielsson, Nina Frantzeskaki,  Tuuli Mattila, Nick Mauldin, Nia Vasileva, Miguel Pina, Maria Lisberg-Jonasson, Iulia Isar


A group of lifelong friends meet every Friday night. This one is different though – a strange house, in a strange neighborhood, with a stranger inside. What could possibly go wrong?

Written and directed by Miguel Angelo

Cast: Brady Lernihan, Emilie Finkielman, Nia Vasileva, Riley Marinelli, Tuuli Mattila, Nick Mauldin, Rian Wunderlin


Meet Boob and Bob, the simplest and most complex people you’ll ever know. There is no guaranteeing that you will like them, but you will definitely both love and hate them. The weird thing is you already know them. They’re inside your head. Or my head. Or someone’s head.

Written by Sofie Salée

Directed by Emilie Finkielman

Cast: Iulia Isar, Maria Lisberg-Jonasson