“People can never change.” That’s what he said. I disagreed. We argued. Eventually I tried to find some sort of middle ground: “Evolve?” – “What are you to evolve… Pikatchu?” Unfortunately, it somehow stuck and he kept calling me Pikatchu for a year, we kept not agreeing for a year and then we disappeared from each other’s lives. Now I can only see our long heated conversations through glasses with a strong filter of sweet nostalgia. It’s been 3 years. I haven’t seen him again but still I’m trying to prove him wrong. I am still thinking about that moment lost in time. Why? Because it made me see things from a different angle. His restricted 10-degree view combined with my restricted 10-degree view left me with a bit less restricted new view of 20 degrees out of the 360 degrees of possibilities, angles and truths.

360º is a 2-actor play with a supporting ensemble and live band, combining naturalism with strong physical and visual elements. It deals with the theme of self-discovery through love. It’s about seeing yourself through the eyes of another person and allowing yourself to be affected. It’s about goodbyes and the feeling of sweet nostalgia that follows them. How with every goodbye a small part of yourself dies along with it, creating space for rebirth, a new discovery that will take you closer to that breath taking 360-degree view.

Written by Nina Frantzeskaki

Directed by Nia Vasileva

Cast: Nina Frantzeskaki, Ewens Abid, Brady Lernihan, Catalina Cazacu, Xinbo Feng, Maryhee Yoon (More TBA)