Programme 2018

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Presented by BA Acting (International) Class of 2019

Producer: Nia Vasileva 1st Associate Producer: Nick Mauldin 2nd Associate Producer: Mary Hee Yoon

Head of Course: Zois Pigadas Advising the Production: Christos Floros  Mentor to the Directors: Jesse Briton 

Life Will Happen

Evan is drunk. He is drunk on country music. He is drunk in love with Liz. He is drunk on the need to make his father proud. And he is drunk on beer. There ain’t nothing in the world that can stop him. In this crazy fraternity extravaganza, we follow Evan in his drunk masculinity and his search for something real. Life Will Happen is a sobering look at patriarchal society, family, and sexuality. It will have you laughing, crying, drunk, and sober.

Written by Brady Lernihan

Directed by Maryhee Yoon

Cast: Brady Lernihan, Riley Marinelli, Nick Mauldin, Emilie Finkielman, Ewens Abid, Benjamin Danielssen


“People can never change.” That’s what he said. I disagreed. We argued. Eventually I tried to find some sort of middle ground: “Evolve?” – “What are you to evolve… Pikatchu?” Unfortunately, it somehow stuck and he kept calling me Pikatchu for a year, we kept not agreeing for a year and then we disappeared from each other’s lives. Now I can only see our long heated conversations through glasses with a strong filter of sweet nostalgia. It’s been 3 years. I haven’t seen him again but still I’m trying to prove him wrong. I am still thinking about that moment lost in time. Why? Because it made me see things from a different angle. His restricted 10-degree view combined with my restricted 10-degree view left me with a bit less restricted new view of 20 degrees out of the 360 degrees of possibilities, angles and truths.

360º is a 2-actor play with a supporting ensemble and live band, combining naturalism with strong physical and visual elements. It deals with the theme of self-discovery through love. It’s about seeing yourself through the eyes of another person and allowing yourself to be affected. It’s about goodbyes and the feeling of sweet nostalgia that follows them. How with every goodbye a small part of yourself dies along with it, creating space for rebirth, a new discovery that will take you closer to that breath taking 360-degree view.

Written by Nina Frantzeskaki

Directed by Nia Vasileva

Cast: Nina Frantzeskaki, Ewens Abid, Brady Lernihan, Catalina Cazacu, Xinbo Feng, Maryhee Yoon (More TBA)

The Anniversary

Beijing.  May 12, 2016.  Lin and Shu were married on this day twenty years ago.   The country is mourning for the people who lost their lives in an earthquake the same day 8 years ago.  However, Lin and Shu have their own reasons for not celebrating on this day.  The Anniversary is a family drama exploring how the passage of time and circumstances change the nature of marriages in China.

Written by Xinbo Feng

Directed by Benjamin Danielsson

Cast: Xinbo Feng, MaryHee Yoon, Miguel Pina, Maria Lisberg-Jonasson

Amissa Alma

Someday, I’m sure, you’ll meet yourself in a strange place, in a far off world… In that place, you are yourself and yourself is you. Subject is object and object is subject. All gaps gone. A perfect union. Seven identical doors, all white apart from one of a deep crimson red. An escape or an entrance? You are where the real life takes place.

Written by Catalina Cazacu

Directed by Iulia Isar and Nick Mauldin

Cast: Catalina Cazacu, Benjamin Danielsson, Nina Frantzeskaki,  Tuuli Mattila, Nick Mauldin, Nia Vasileva, Miguel Pina, Maria Lisberg-Jonasson, Iulia Isar


Group of long-time friends meet for a Friday Night, until a secret from one of them comes to the light of day and it changes the course of their night and the base of their friendship forever. Lies, secrets and betrayal will forever change their lives with permanent consequences.

Written by Miguelangelo

Directed by Miguelangelo

Cast: Brady Lerniahn, Emilie Finkielman, Nia Vasileva, Riley Marinelli, Tuuli Mattila


one more play to be announced soon.