When 30 Days of Blood premiered at the International Festival of New Work 2017 (IF), the response and conversations surrounding the play were electric, exciting, encouraging. On the wave of that success, Eva Ditzelmüller, Simonas Mozūra, and Caitlin Denegre founded Theatre Peregrine. Together with Eduardo Almeida (’18) and Nia Vasileva (’19), they are bringing a new version of Blood to the Edinburgh Fringe Festival.

It’s a “new kind of period drama.” Caitlin Denegre

It’s a “visceral cabaret exploration of womanhood.” Eva Ditzelmüller

Its international cast is full of “Austrian madness, North American charm, and Lithuanian passion.” Simonas Mozūra


It’s “a dramatically visual play… strong, punchy, unapologetic, and honest.” Zois Pigadas, Head of BA Acting International

It’s a “searing indictment of gender dialogues and modern youth… a refreshingly unique extravanganza. Hard to define, but harder not to love.” Jesse Briton, Bear Trap Theatre Company

Director Eva Ditzelmüller writes, “I want to make people laugh, I want them to sit on the edge of their seat with goosebumps on their skin and forget their everyday lives for a second. I want them to experience the extraordinary and inspire their imagination.”

Before 30 Days of Blood goes up to the Fringe for a full run from August 3-27, it will undergo a second rehearsal period, reworking and reimagining the material to its fullest potential.

Supporting Peregrine in these endeavours is renowned Austrian company Niavarani & Hoanzl, co-producers in promoting the future of this innovative and daring piece of new work.

Theatre Peregrine uses a heavily devised-based process, utilizing the whole ensemble. Music, physical comedy, and projections will remain hallmarks of the production, as will the particular talents of every member of the company, and there are many, from backflips to opera to dance. And, of course, the precise skill needed to correctly hand-make a realistic blood capsule.

Because, as the title suggests, there will be blood.

In collaboration with the Actors Centre, 30 Days of Blood will have two preview nights, July 19 and 21, thanks to the John Thaw Initiative. Tickets for both those performances as well as Edinburgh are on sale now.

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