‘I’ve seen the production numerous times and am desperate to see it again. This passionate, hilarious and heartbreaking work by a new polish playwright is the oxygen that British theatre needs’ – Jesse Briton Bear Trap Theatre Company

After a sold out premiere during IF Festival of New Work, 17 Days got shortlisted for Moscow International Theatre Festival and is heading now for a full month run at Edinburgh Fringe Theatre Festival in August.

Writer and actress of the show – Adrianna Pavlovska and director – Tongchai O. Hansen (both graduates of BA Acting International course) are reuniting again to take the show further.

Their team joins actor – Lewis Hart, who’s been performing on stages like National Theatre of Scotland, Edward Hall, Royal Lyceum Theatre Edinburgh.

17 Days is a show about two people losing the love they once had for or one another. It seeks to understand why it is so easy to stop fighting for something that, at one point, was everything.

Focusing on the immediacy of the current day that no longer allows or champions commitment to anything: to work, education, relationships or ourselves because it’s ‘too much’ but how do we know how much is ‘too much’? Does ‘too much’ actually exist?


It is the first play I have written created out of an urge to speak up and give something to others. Maybe some comfort, maybe some understanding in their frustrations, love and anger, or maybe just a moment of release?  That it’s okay not to be okay sometimes and that we are not alone in feeling terrified and ridiculous. For we really are: we are absurd, frivolous, we have bad habits, we are scared and bored, we don’t know what’s right and wrong, we don’t know how to understand, we are all like this. Which makes us very much alike, no matter where we come from.

However, I do believe, that it’s a good thing to be ridiculous. People forgive each other easier and become more humble, because you can’t understand everything at once, you can’t begin with perfection all at once.

Maybe if we understand things too quickly, we shall not understand them thoroughly.

‘I can’t wait to present this piece to the audience of Edinburgh Festival Fringe this August… Trust me, you don’t want to miss this – book your tickets, and we’ll take you on an emotional roller coaster.’ says O. Hansen

‘I’m excited to get into the rehearsal room and start finding the rhythm and detail of the piece. Intimate writing exploring the complexities within relationships always give you a lot of potential for creation and discovery as an actor. And it’s a wonderful bonus to have the insight of the playwright playing opposite me.’ says Hart.

Book your tickets and jump that fence with us!



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