East 15 BA Acting (International) Class of 2018 present Chatroom by Enda Walsh and Burn by Deborah Gearing directed by Abigail Graham.

This week, Thu 31 May – Sat 2 Jun
Standard Tickets: £10/£6 Concs.

Tickets: https://www.tristanbatestheatre.co.uk/whats-on/chatroom-burn


Bored and restless, William, Jack, Eva, Emily and Laura – spend their time on the chatroom. When a new member, Jim, joins to share his depression and thoughts of suicide, the conversation takes a dark turn.


This is the story of Birdman. No family, no friends – a loner with nothing to lose. One lazy afternoon, down on the riverbank, the friends he never had narrate the story of his last dramatic day.


Christos Floros

Dominik Čicak

Eva Ditzelmüller

Liesl Jensen

Magdaléna Škerenčak

Roze Elisa


Adrianna Pavlovska

Caitlin Denegre

Claire Stucki

Duncan Hodgkinson

Eduardo Almeida

Eliah Arnstjerna

Heidi C. Nielsen

Liesl Jensen

Magdaléna Škerenčak

Roze Elisa

Simonas Mozura

Tongchai O. Hansen


“An inspiring bunch of groovy fuckers” Simon Stephens, Playwright

“Your bravery, skill and talent are breathtaking” Tom Hughes, Director


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