All plays of IF217 have now had their premieres with Indigo and 30 Days of Blood having opened tonight!

What a mystical and bloody night it has been. The conceptual world of Indigo, directed by Magdalena Skerencak, opened its soul to the crowds whilst the melodic period-driven 30 Days of Blood, written and directed by the visionary Eva Ditzelmuller, kicked off and shocked full house audiences (We’ve sold out 3 days in a row, so thank you very much!)

Thank you again to all our audiences and the hundreds upon hundreds of you who have watched our LIVE STREAM and sent us messages!

The party continues through the night at the Corbett Bar and all shows show again tomorrow from 12.30 to 21.30

Join us tomorrow at the Corbett, we can guarantee 5 available tickets at the door for early-arrivals.

Thank you for making our Festival amazing!

Christos Floros


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