The 2nd night of The Second Annual International Festival of New Work could yet again turn on the red lights for another two SOLD OUT shows.

Generation Z or Uncertainty of a Scattered Mind directed by Eduardo Almeida had the audience rocking to Green Day for a moment of euphoric participation with the actors on stage. 17 days in America directed by Tongchai O. Hansen, ended with a standing ovation from the audiences even before the lights could fade out and call ‘scene’. What a night!

Even though both shows were sold out, hundreds of viewers from all around the world took part in the evening through our live stream. A truly INTERNATIONAL FESTIVAL. Where ever in the world you may be reading this, you’re not further away from being a part of the festival. Our live stream is available for the two shows tomorrow and all the shows on Saturday at

1st and 2nd year BA Acting International students at East 15 Acting School are part of making IF217 a truly amazing and engaging experience for every guest with their events and activities throughout each night.

Tomorrow we proudly present another two new plays. We’re looking forward to seeing you – in the Corbett Theatre or online.

Heidi C. Nielsen

Associate Producer

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