We are very excited to announce the following writings will come to life at the Corbett (and beyond) this November with the following directors leading the way.

Telephone by Claire Wilson will be directed by Claire Wilson.

Indigo by Magdalena Skerencakova will be directed by Magdalena Skerencakova assisted by Heidi C. Nielsen.

30 Days of Blood by Eva Ditzelmuller will be directed by Rose Elisa assisted by Eva Ditzelmuller.

17 Days in America by Adrianna Pawlowska will be directed by Tongchai Hansen.

Central (Story) Line by Heidi C. Nielsen, Duncan Hodgkinson, Eliah Arnstjerna will be directed by Daniela Atiencia.

Uncertainty of a Scattered Mind by Christos Floros will be directed by Eduardo Almeida.

This year, Jesse Briton will again mentor the directors and work with the companies to deliver IF 2017.

You can explore the full programme here: https://e15international.com/programme/

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