Production Newsletter

Our International Festival
The International Acting Class of 2018

Our Vision

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We want to bring to life a new concept, aims and objectives for the annual International Festival (IF) of the BA Acting (International) course.

To extend its scale, its reach and its artistic contribution to the school and our training.

We do this with commitment and with love for our class, the course, the school and the local community (and beyond)!

We aim to deliver an exemplary IF in 2017.

Our Work & Ethic

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We have created and divided our Production Agenda into External & Internal Operations to structure two separate entities that can be approached in parallel yet distinctly and we are now well underway of completing our Festival’s pre-production. All our work is documented, step by step on our Online Workspace, a forum, structured to the likes of our Agenda to enable the entire ensemble to contribute, cooperate and register our work for the years after us.

In fact it has been one of our top priorities to ensure a smooth transition from our IF to the next, so not only have we documented our work, but we have also guaranteed 3 shadow producer positions to three volunteering 1st Year students who will in turn be better prepared in their 2nd Year for their IF Production. This of course further enables the collaboration between years and helps build the course’s sense of identity.

Our Progress

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At the beginning of May, we find ourselves having contacted our intended Guest Speakers, extended an invitation to Local Businesses to support us, we have a basic structure of how the festival will unfold in November and we are ready to collaborate with the School’s Marketing Department for Press Releases and Brand Growth.

The entire ensemble has gotten behind our monumental production task, to deliver. We still have a long way to go, in terms of marketing our festival but we are on the right track.

Our Compass

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This timeless design will now be established as our official International Festival logo for the years to come.

The Compass, a system logo, can be used in different colours, with patterns or in all-black.

It tells a story of ambition, of direction. It also uses the East 15 colours and links us to the Central Line.

It’s simple. It has a story. It’s Φ.

Our Theatre

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At the end of the day this is about Theatre. We are eager to create and share our work. We want to reach out to new audiences, we want to invite people to come watch us play, have fun, enjoy ourselves. This is our project. This is why we are working hard to complete our production work, so that from September onwards, we can create Theatre – with a supporting structure already there. We hope for your support on this artistic journey.

Best regards,

Christos Floros